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Favorite Vacation


I love every vacation I go on but the ones that are the most memorable would be when my family drove across country to Oregon. I chose this one because we did this trip several times and I created so many memories that are so special to me. My grandparents and I would be gone for a whole month. We would take a week getting there, two weeks visiting and a week driving home. We were in no rush to get there because all the fun was getting there. I got to go to the Grand Canyon, Carlsbad caverns, Rosswell (where area 51 is), the redwood forest, San Fransisco, Vegas (even though I was only 9,11 and 13), and countless other places. I have never been out of the country or flown on a plane so this was my only “real” traveling experience. Other than that I’ve only gone to the surrounding states or Georgia. We made this trip three different times and every time we did different things. These trips were also special to me because I got to see family that otherwise I would never see. We would stop at my cousins in California, my Great Grandmother in Oregon and my other cousins in Washington. I would love to make this trip again but sadly I don’t think I would be able to until I have a family of my own. My grandparents have gotten too old and my parents have no desire so I guess it’s up to me to make it happen!

Texting and Walking


Texting and walking is a huge topic right now. So many people are walking into things or people because they are so focused on their phone. I understand why texting and driving is dangerous and should be enforced if someone is doing it but texting and walking? I know some people have gotten hurt but that is out of their own stupidity. Other people who are completely capable of being aware of their surroundings shouldn’t be punished for another persons mistake. This whole situation just kinda irritates me because I know that I don’t want to have to worry about being fined not being able to do it all when I have never had any accidents. I am totally aware of what is going on around me while I’m texting and walking. I look up and sometimes don’t even look down at my phone while I text. If I am having a really deep conversation then I just step to the side and stop for a minute. It’s pretty much common sense but that’s not always that common anymore.

Like the woman that was so focused on texting and fell into the fountain. That was her own fault and other people shouldn’t be punished for it. I haven’t heard about too many other extreme cases like that. So I feel that it isn’t even a big ordeal. If nothing catastrophic has happened then it shouldn’t even be an issue.


Working with other people can be one of the most difficult things about a job or project. Since being in college I have had to work in many group assignments. I don’t really like group assignments because you have to worry about how someone else feels or what they want to do. However, their ideas are not the problem, it’s the way we have to go about them. You can’t be mean and just shoot their ideas down, you have to understand what they are trying to say and if you don’t like it then try to tell them in a constructive way. This becomes difficult because it seems like the “difficult” people are the people who are the most sensitive. So I will definitely have to use Ragan’s list to help me in the future.

I think that all of the suggestions on Ragan’s list are great but their are some that I would add. I would add is actually telling them that you are having a hard timeĀ  communicating the right way. I would not blame them and say they are the sole reason why this isn’t working but share the blame. This is useful because usually even if you use constructive criticism the person still takes it as an attack. If you share the blame then they will be less likely to take it the wrong way.

I have found myself using the 12 ways Ragan suggests. I do try to see how they judge others. I see how they respond and interact with others and I try to communicate the way they like best. This helps me to still have some control without having to be fussed at the whole time.

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