My favorite movie…


This is such a hard question for me because I love so many movies. I have like hundreds of vhs’ and dvd’s. My room has shelves and shelves of them. I guess some of my favorites are Titanic, silence of the lambs, harry potter (1-7), amittyville horror (the old one), and nightmare on elm st (the old one), inception, shutter island, fight club, little monsters, and troy. These aren’t in any particular order. I like all types of movies, but my favorite are horror movies. Me and my friend used to go every weekend and pick out scary movies. They usually were terrible but you would always find that one that you loved. In all of these movies, I would say that the story line and characters captivated me.

I’ve seen a few movies this summer. Ive seen bad teacher. This movie was pretty good. It was weird seeing Cameron Diaz being so bad. She smoked weed, had sex, stole money. There wasn’t much she didn’t do. It had it’s funny parts, but I wouldn’t say it was the greatest. I also saw Horrible Bosses which was hilarious; it was so funny.  I was laughing out loud a lot in this movie. It was hard not too. They had so many funny actors and great situations. The last movie that I saw was Harry Potter 7. It was so good. I think it was done better than any of the other ones. It actually had a lot of detail from the book, which has been missing from the other movies. I guess this is because they used two parts, so they could fit in more detail. I think that everything was done good and I was very entertained.




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  1. I loved inception!! It was definitely something to think about. I just saw the adjustment bureau last night…it was pretty good.

    I am SUPER disappointed to hear that Bad Teacher wasn’t that good :\ I was really looking forward to seeing it; but I still want to see horrible bosses definitely!

    By the way, your picture is precious!

  2. If you ever watched Cameron Diaz in ‘In her Shoes’ then you probably wouldn’t be that weirded out about her smoking and stuff in Bad Teacher. However, she still gave off a innocent vibe in that movie which she is far from in Bad Teacher.

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